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Specialized Services


Monastery Lunch

The dry zone (as the area around Bagan is called) is not known for its fertile lands as the main crops grown are rice, peanuts, sesame seeds and tamarind. The food created from it is delicious though and we will serve you some beautiful food in a traditional monastery.


Village Home Lunch

We bring you to the home of a local family who has prepared an excellent lunch. Taste the excellent food, home cooked vegetable and don’t forget the spicy chili sauce the lady of the house makes.


Farm Lunch

We bring to village and learn how to farm and how they eating a fram food. Which is a good organic crop and that is a good for health. We will get a lunch in village, such as a great organic lunch.


Sunset Boat Cocktail

The interesting tour discovering the Irrawaddy Sunset on Cocktail Cruise in Bagan gives you a great opportunity to pay a visit to many tourist destinations such as: Irrawaddy River, Shwezigon Pagoda and many fishing villages.


Sand Bank Cocktail & Dinner

In the late afternoon you will be taken to the jetty to board a private wooden river boat. Find a comfortable and get a cocktail party on the bank and will still after sunset .Than , a delicious dinner enjoy the spectacular scenery and capture the changing colours of twilight over the ruined temples.


Traditional Cooking Class

A Burmese cooking class is a great way for culinary enthusiasts to get to grips with the cuisine of Myanmar. We can arrange half-day cookery classes in various locations and classes or demonstrations are often included when you choose to take an overnight river voyage in Myanmar.